Saturday, April 10, 2010

Theres a lil Monsters by Malt in the VIB House who needs a name...

Ok all Vintage Is Beautiful Fans and Monsters By Malt Fans~ we NEED your help!!!

There is a little girl looking for a new home...but first she needs a name...

Here is what you have to do to enter:

1. Become a fan of BOTH Vintage Is Beautiful and Monsters By Malt
2. Comment on this blog below with your name and email address
3. Then write the best name that you think suits this lil lady monster...

Winner will be chosen by Michelle from 'Monsters By Malt' at her discression for the most fitting name for her lil monster.

Winner will be announced next Sat night to give fair opportunity for everyone to enter- so get your thinking caps on everyone...there may just be a monster in YOUR house soon!


  1. Kylie Greenhalgh

    For some reason the name "Galu" or "Galoo" popped into my head! Don't know why?!
    Good luck with picking a name! She's so cute!

  2. Becka H

    Rosie Mae

    Melanie canning

    My little girl alicia says it's name is kitty kitty :)

  4. Shelli Morse

    You have won a heart here - Matilda says she is sooo cute - a 5 star review from your target audience :) and thinks she should be called - Rosie -

    She looks like an 'Ettie' or 'Hettie' to me - Sister to Lotte - means home ruler(g)
    or star(p)

    She is adorable
    xx Good Luck

  5. My 7 year old daughter would like to suggest "Tutu" as her name. Thank you :) Leesa Cavanagh

  6. Kate Barter

    'Suki' - beloved in Japanese

    Cute as a button
    K =)

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  8. Daisy :o)

    what about cotton candy, magenta, flossy (fairy floss), or Blossom?
    or.. serendipity !

  9. I think TLAM TLAM !!!! or Frilsy xxx

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  11. 4 yr old daughter said lilly or vibby

  12. Sarah

    The first name that came to mind: Lacie/Lacey

  13. Post comment for Toni Hill who couldnt get on to post her entry "(Pinky, Rosey or Amelia-rose or just amelia) thanks Toni"

  14. Fan of both :)
    Kym Teale

    I would call her Linnea (Lin-nea)
    It is Swedish and it a beautiful small wild pink twin flower. Couldn't you imagine her dancing through fields of these wild flowers in the warm summer sunshine.

    She is very cute and my daughter would love her :)

  15. Erin H

    Miss Lucy Lou xxxx

  16. Entry posted for Carla Christie Johnston- Molly :) Molly the monster!! Thanks :)

  17. Kate

    Princess Monica


    Monsilla :)

  18. Kate Osborne

    I think she looks like a Connie, she is gorgeous.

  19. Post entry comment for Stacey Goody- I cant post to the blog still but I think Arabella. A vintage name but different just like the monster who is beautiful.

  20. Post Entry for Teilah Skye Bailey- Hi VIB my computer wont let me load your blog page either, just crashes out, Lovely Lily, Ruby Rose, Mysty the Magical Monster! Making the dreams of little ladies sweeter and more Magical! Way too much time on my hands this morning, GOOD LUCK xx

  21. My daughters can't decide Ellie -may or Lou lou. I am a fan of both.

    Jodie Buddle

  22. Renee Webb

    DeMonica the Monster
    Petrina the Pretty Monster

  23. Anna Beach

    Rosie Monster :)

  24. Im a FB fan of both pages.
    Candice Ecclestone

    I like the name "Missy" the Monster :)
    Gorgeous lil monster she is as well!!

  25. Thankyou to all who posted entries, loved them all xxx